Springfield Schools Foundation cultivates partnerships that will benefit students in Springfield Local Schools. The Foundation has obtained in-kind donations from businesses, as well as grants from funders such as Toledo Community Foundation, Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and the Ohio Environmental Education Fund.

Since 2003, the Foundation has awarded nearly $150,000 for projects that promote literacy, engage students with cutting edge technology and expand the opportunities available to students in Springfield schools.


The District's very successful Chess Club was started with a Classroom Grant from Springfield Schools Foundation and an in-kind donation of chess boards by a local business.

Laws of Life

laws of life

Tracy Roscoe, Shealyn K., Kaylin K., Jennifer Ruziscka.
2015-2016 Overall Winners of the Laws of Life Essay Contest.

In 1987, Sir John Templeton created the contest in his hometown of Winchester, TN to encourage young people to reflect and write about their own values... or laws of life. Since that time, the contest has spread throughout the United States and around the world thanks to the generosity and support of business leaders and civic groups who sponsor local contests.

Judges drawn from the community evaluate the essays. Top students receive cash awards and are honored at a breakfast attended by Foundation board members and other community leaders. This powerful program supports the District’s efforts to promote character education. Students take the essays seriously and several of Springfield’s winners have gone on to take top honors in the State of Ohio.

In our community for the past 15 years, the Springfield Local School District has woven the contest into its curriculum for students in grades 9-12. Last year, we also invited honors English students at Springfield Middle School to participate.

Although different definitions exist for character education, all can agree that the common thread to all efforts is to bring out the best in our children. This contest allows students to put what they know, feel, and value into words.

laws of life
laws of life

Thanks to the support of Springfield Schools Foundation and its sponsors, our community remains one of the few in Ohio to offer this opportunity to students. Throughout the 15 years, Springfield students have brought considerable attention to both the school district and community-in all but one of those years, students have either won, or placed at the top of statewide contests.

Although the statewide competition no longer exists, this legacy of excellence reflects the exceptional education offered through our schools and the support provided by the Foundation and community leaders!

2015-16 Finalists

Reghan B., SHS
Libbie B., SHS
Joshua F., SHS
David G., SHS
John H., SHS
Kaylin K., SHS
Ethan L., SHS
Kiersten S., SHS
Alec T., SHS

Jenna B., SMS
Shealyn K., SMS
Taylor M., SMS

Community Events

Springfield Schools Foundation develops cultural opportunities for the Holland, Ohio-Springfield Community. For example, our popular Music Samplers introduce childen to a variety of musical styles.


The Crissey Bell choir performed at the Foundation's most recent Music Sampler.

Wind Tunnel Construct

Points of Pride

Thanks to a Foundation grant, high school students were able to construct a wind tunnel that allows them to test the aerodynamics of rocket cars that engineering students build each year.