Grant Application FAQs

Who can submit a grant application?

All employees of the Springfield Local School District are eligible to submit grant applications. Equipment and materials purchased with Foundation funds become the property of the District.

When are the grant deadlines?

Applications are considered twice during each school year. Fall applications are due by 5 p.m. on the published deadline date which is 30 days prior to the November award date. Spring applications are due 30 days prior to the April award date.

What are the grant criteria?

To be eligible for a grant, applicants must propose an innovative and creative project that will enrich and enhance student learning beyond the scope of normal required school expenditures and the required course of study. A rubric describing the criteria used by the Committee to evaluate grants is available on the Foundation's website.

What is the review process?

All applications that are received by the deadline are distributed to members of the Foundations Classroom Grant Committee. Committee members use the rubric (available on the Foundation's website) to score each application. The Committee then meets to discuss the applications and decide which ones it will recommend for funding. The entire Foundation Board votes on those recommendations.

Can I submit more than one application per term?

Teachers can submit as many applications as they like, but the Foundation will not award more than one grant to any individual or team within a given school year.

Can I resubmit if denied in one term?

Absolutely. The Foundation is unable to fund every worthy project. In some cases, the Committee may direct teachers to other funding sources. In other cases, the Committee can make recommendations about how a proposal can be strengthened so that it is more likely to be funded in the future.

Can I work with another teacher or school?

Collaboration is encouraged. The Foundation is interested in projects that will have the greatest effect on students. Working with another teacher or another school is one way to extend the impact of your ideas.

What kinds of things does the Foundation fund?

The Foundation will give consideration to any project that enriches and extends the learning of Springfield students. We want to encourage teachers to think outside the box and develop projects so unique and original that they cannot be funded through the usual channels.

What kind of technology will the Foundation fund?

The Foundation is eager to fund software and supplemental technology including hand-held devices, media production devices and other learning tools. All requests for technology will be reviewed by the District's Technology Coordinator to be sure they are compatible with District specifications.

What isn't funded by grants?

Springfield Foundation will not provide grants to cover basic supplies which would ordinarily be part of the School District's budget. In addition, Foundation grants cannot be used for teacher salaries, stipends, food, decorations or prizes.

Science Technology

Points of Pride

Foundation grants often pay for advanced technology like this probe that allows students to do precision measurements for a science experiment.