The Springfield Schools Foundation (SSF) will fund innovative classroom grants up to $2,000 for teachers in any Springfield School limited to one grant per teacher per school year.

Requisition Process for a Classroom Innovation Grant from the SSF:

  1. Please complete this requisition form (xlsx).
  2. If you are ordering any pieces of equipment that will last longer than 5 years, please use account code 001-1100-640-0000-000000-000-00-001. For all other purchases use account code 001-1100-890-0000-000000-000-00-001.  These numbers have been prefilled into the requisition form for you.
  3. If your purchase is more than the grant award, the remainder will have to come out of your respective principal’s fund.
  4. Please have your building principal sign off on the form as you would a normal requisition.
  5. If technology equipment or software is being purchased, please have the Director of Technology sign off on the form.  
  6. Please forward the completed form back to the Foundation with the appropriate signatures of approval.
  7. The Foundation will approve the request and forward on to the Administrative Office for further approval and processing.
  8. The Treasurer’s Office will complete and process the order accordingly with the vendor listed on the requisition.

Please allow adequate time for requisition/purchase order processing

Thank you for applying to the Springfield Schools Foundation seeking to expand classroom activities and knowledge.  Please consider supporting the SSF with donations and attendance at yearly fundraising events.

Download Excel Requisition Form

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