This rubric is used to evaluate applications for Teaching and Learning Grants. It is a tool that can help applicants as they develop their projects. Although the Grant Committee uses the rubric to guide its deliberations, it may also consider other factors that are unique to specific projects.

A. The objectives established for this project are clear, realistic and designed to enrich learning opportunities for SLS students. _____/10

B. The project is well-thought out and clearly described. _____/10

C. The project includes an innovative approach to teaching or learning that goes above and beyond the usual classroom requirements. _____/15

D. The project involves collaboration with other teachers, parents, experts or other community members. _____/10

E. The project takes into account the use of existing resources including technology. _____/10

F. The project will include a significant number of students or a population that is currently underserved. _____/10

G. The project can be sustained beyond the duration of the grant. _____/10

H. Expenditures outlined in the proposal are reasonable and do not duplicate expenditures by the School District. _____/10

I. The proposal includes a meaningful way to evaluate the results of the project. _____/15

Total Points _____/100

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